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DansArtDesign is an online Shop from Dan who up till recently ran a student shop in a tertiary college. Dan first started providing tertiary Art/Design materials as Walker Street Newsagency in North Sydney, NSW.


We have been fulfilling Design students needs since 2005​ and have always prided ourselves on speed of service and quality of student materials.


We were one of the early outlets to provide Copic Markers in the market place and in addition to our focussed Art/Design range, we have been providing a very practical level of Fashion Accesories and consumables to our Fashion Design customers. 


Our Calico is industrial quality and accepted as great value for money. We sell it both by the meter or by the roll as needed.


In addition to Calico, we provide Rolls of Pattern Making paper and Rolls of Litho Paper to our Fashion Customers. We have acess to all the main industry suppliers for both Art/Design and Fashion products.


So, if something is not on our website please do not hesitate to email or call. We will move heaven and earth to provide it to you at the best price possible.

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$7 Copic Sketch - 15 or more

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To 31 Dec 2020

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